Our Mission

At Brazilevisa.org, our story started with a clear mission: to simplify travel arrangements. Our platform was born out of a desire to streamline the process of obtaining Brazilian EVisa authorization, making it effortless for travelers like you. What began as a humble concept has blossomed into a thriving global community, welcoming an ever-growing number of explorers, globetrotters, and adventurers from every corner of the world. Join us on this journey and experience the ease and convenience of planning your Brazilian adventure with Brazilevisa.org

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Our Team

At Brazilevisa.org, we’re more than just a group of individuals—we’re a close-knit team of entry card specialists, tech wizards, and customer service enthusiasts bonded by our shared passion for travel.

What makes us unique is our collective knowledge across various domains, empowering us to deliver a service that is not just effective but also tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re setting off on a solo escapade or organizing a family getaway, rely on our team to offer you the smooth and personalized support you need.


Brazil eVisa Expert

With our in-depth understanding of Brazil’s entry requirements, you can trust us as your reliable online guide. Our meticulously researched content, developed by our experts, offers comprehensive information to ensure your application meets all necessary criteria. Count on us for accurate guidance and rest assured that applying through our platform gives you the highest probability of approval.

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Digital Improver

We’re thrilled to have a team of skilled web developers on our side. With their expertise, applying for a Brazilian Travel Authorization through our site is a breeze.

Our talented web masters and code developers take pride in crafting a seamless experience for your travel authorization application. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing real-time assistance to address any doubts you may have.

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Answers always One click away

Our committed customer support team is here to assist you offering help at each stage of the application process. Rest assured that we are available whenever you require aid or have inquiries.

Why choose Brazilevisa.org?

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Easy-to-use interface:

Our user-friendly platform streamlines the entire Brazil travel document application process, guaranteeing a seamless experience from beginning to end.

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Fast to obtain your Evisa:

Say Good bye to complicated forms! With BrazilEvisa.org, obtaining your travel authorization is a breeze – just apply online and complete the process in minutes.

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Expert supervision and double check:

Boost your application’s approval chances with our meticulous review and correction service.

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Your Privacy:

Your privacy and security are important to us, so on our platform. We utilize cutting-edge encryption technologies to safeguard your data and information.

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Ready to assist before, during and after:

Our customer service team is here to help you and to do it in multiple languages. Reach us out anytime via email, we’re always just a click away.

About us

Welcome to Brazilevisa, your go-to source for securing your Brazilian Evisa card hassle-free. Planning your Brazilian adventure involves more than just booking flights—it’s about ensuring you have all the necessary documents ready. That’s where we step in, making the process of obtaining your Brazilian travel Authorization faster and worry-free.

Our dedicated team of agents assists travelers in obtaining necessary travel authorizations from governments. We review applications for accuracy, provide completion assistance, and offer translation services to ensure a smooth process. If additional information is needed, we’ll reach out via phone or email.

Once you submit your application on our platform, it undergoes a thorough review by an immigration expert before being sent for final approval. While approval is ultimately up to the government, our expertise ensures error-free applications. Processing and approval typically take a few hours, with a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours. Incomplete or incorrect applications may cause delays, but our team follows up as needed.

With offices in Europe and the United States, we assist clients from over 35 countries in over seven languages. Our dedicated team of specialized employees works tirelessly to process visa applications and ensure a seamless experience.

Whether you’re an individual traveler or a legal entity, we’re here to help with your online application. Our professional travel support services come at a fee of $120, providing peace of mind throughout the process. Our promise to you is simple: either you receive your approved travel authorization on time, or we refund 100% of the fee.

Need more information or assistance with your application? Feel free to contact us using our contact form. We’re here to assist you every step of the way and ensure an unforgettable experience. Let’s make your journey with us exceptional from the beginning!