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Featuring striking coastlines and bio-diversified jungles, Brazil boasts a rich culture. Being one of the greatest tourist’s attractions for the people around the world, Brazil harbours much more than just beaches. The nation is known for its carnival, football, coffee and much more. If you are planning to visit this place, then you must get back something which can always help you in reminiscing the beauty of the place forever. Here we bring you ten things that you must get from this place while you come back from Brazil.

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Ten souvenirs that you must have on your way back from Brazil:

  • Cachaça- This one tops the list. It is one thing that you must not miss while coming back from Brazil. This sugarcane-based drink is available at all the distilleries in Brazil and it’s going to be a perfect gift for your loved ones when you return from Brazil. If you want to get your hands on the best Cachaça in the town, then you must visit Paraty which is based in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Brazilian wine– Now this might sound a bit astounding for some, but Brazil offers few great wines as well. Minas Gerais is one of the places in Brazil where you can find best quality wines. You must make it a point to visit Sao Paulo, and Rio de Jenario offers good wine shops from where you can buy the good stuff. Or else you can also plan a trip to the vineyards to collect local wines.
  • Gemstone jewellery- Brazil is known for its gemstone jewellery. You can get all sorts of trinkets from tiny pieces to statement jewellery which can be a great accompaniment to your dresses. Minas Gerais is known for its gemstones, especially emeralds. If you want to buy it, then you must visit Minas Gerais personally. You can buy unique necklaces, bracelets and rings carved out of emeralds here. Did you know that Brazil produces 65% of the world’s coloured gemstones? If you are willing to buy some authentic and semi-precious stones, then Brazil is the right place for you. Don’t miss a chance to buy some trinkets from this place for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Bahian ladies – Yes, you read it right, the Bahian ladies are one of the best souvenirs that you can pick from this part of the world. It has nothing to do with living ladies, these are actually dolls which come from Bahia and north of Brazil. These dolls are dark coloured and wear the traditional Bahian dress which is a large puffy dress decorated with bright colours. Bahian lady’s ornaments are also very popular. The Bahian ladies usually wear these ornaments. It consists of various gemstones and beads. These pieces of jewellery are usually large in size and these statement jewelleries are a must have for those looking to add some new stuff to their jewellery collection.
  • Hammock- A leisurely holiday is something that everyone craves for. If you too have been looking to extend the memories of your holidays, then buying a hammock from Brazil can be a good option. You can have a wide array of options, colours, and patterns to choose from. You can purchase it from any of the local shops you find in Brazil.
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  • Samba Clothes– Brazilian samba dance needs no introduction. The dancers wear vibrant coloured clothes, masks and other accessories which remind us of everything about Brazil. If you want to take back some unconventional stuff from Brazil, then you can look for Samba clothes or accessories. The best place to buy these clothes are the Samba schools in Rio, which may have many costumes on sale from the post-carnival event.
  • Brigadeiros – If you are a person who has a sweet tooth or you want to take something for a person who has one, then probably you should get your hands on brigadeiros. These traditional sweets from Brazil are made of sweetened condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder, and are sprinkled with nuts and chocolate. These are common stuff offered at birthday parties. These are a must-have if you make a visit to Brazil.
  • Cangas- Yes, this is yet another popular stuff which you can buy from Brazil. They are most commonly used towels, imprinted with colourful designs and beautifully decorated. These are a must product that you must buy from Brazil. These are easily available on all the local spots and beaches.  Some other clothes that you can buy from Brazil are the beachwear. Well, these swimsuits are a must have if you are visiting Brazil famous for its staggering coastlines. These are available in various colours and patterns. You can showcase your beach body embellished with beautifully designed beachwear. They will make you look like a diva on the beaches while you stroll down the coastlines.
  • A Caipirinha kit- How can you forget purchasing a Caipirinha kit from a place where caipirinha was invented. If you are fond of drinks or would like to gift someone who loves to drink, then a Caipirinha kit makes a perfect gifting product.
  • A Christ The Redeemer’s Statue – What can be better than having one of the eight wonders of the world at home. Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer’s Statue is a major attraction for the tourists pouring down the city. If you want to take back with you the memories of this place, you can easily find a Christ The Redeemer’s Statue miniatures easily available at this place and other local spots. These are very famous, and you can add them to the list of your must buy stuff from Brazil.

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Conclusion– Visiting Brazil is unforgettable, and if you want to make it even more memorable, the souvenirs mentioned above will help you in the same. One of the things that you must not forget while you come back from this place is Brazilian coffee. Brazil is one of the largest producers of coffee, and if you want to relish the memories of your visit to this place, then Brazilian coffee will do the needful. There are many other things to buy in Brazil. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open while you stroll down the city so that you can get the best stuff from the market.

Have a safe and happy trip to Brazil!!!

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