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Brazil is one of the most visited South American countries. It is the second most visited Latin American country after Mexico. The footfall of foreign tourists is rising every year and there is a growing interest in this vibrant and exotic country. Passport and visa is a must for most foreign nationals wishing to visit the country barring nationals of those countries which are listed under visa-exempt countries by the. Recently the Brazilian government has started offering eVisa to certain eligible countries which is a simple online application that can be filled and submitted within minutes. Currently, citizens of Japan, Australia, Canada, and the USA can apply for eVisa and visit the country as a tourist or for business purposes. This list of countries is expected to increase in the near future.

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Though applying for an eVisa may seem to be a simple process there are many things you must keep in mind before starting the process. You have to complete the form in one sitting as you cannot download the form. You must have all the information in front of you. Most importantly you will need a passport photo that meets all standard requirements as listed by the Brazilian government. Any discrepancy in the photograph can get your eVisa rejected which is why you should know about the guidelines listed by the authorities. Below we have listed all the things that you must keep in mind while submitting a photo with your application.

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Things You Must Keep in Mind While Submitting a Passport and Visa Photo

You cannot submit a casual photo where you are wearing fancy clothes, smiling or which has been cropped. Any photo taken at a social event cannot be used for this official purpose.

  • No Filters Applied on Photos – Nowadays it has become a norm to upload a photo on social media after applying a few filters to make your photo look glamorous and appealing. These things are unacceptable when you are submitting a photo for an official reason. The skin color of the photo must match your true skin color which is one of the main reasons why you cannot apply filters.
  • Correct Use of Light – A photo which is very bright or one where the subject cannot properly be seen is usually rejected on the ground that the subject is not appropriately lighted. Make sure you click your photo in an area which isn’t too bright or where there aren’t too many dark areas. Make sure shadows do not fall on your face, hair or spectacles as they can camouflage your appearance.
  • Choice of Clothes – While there is no specified restriction on what you can wear, it is always advisable to wear clothes that are not too flashy. It is also important that your clothes do not match the background which will distort your physical appearance.
  • Eyewear Specifications – While there are no restrictions on glasses you are not allowed to wear sunglasses. Anything that hides your eyes isn’t allowed. Even the frames of your regular glasses should not be so thick that it hides your facial details.
  • Facial Expressions – You cannot smile while clicking a passport photo. Your facial expressions need to be restrained and not expressive. A relaxed, plain face with closed mouth is considered ideal. You must clearly look into the camera and not elsewhere.
  • Quality of Photo Paper – Every passport photo must be printed on high quality, glossy paper and not matte paper.
  • Clear Images – The image clicked must be clear and the printed copy cannot be torn or scratched. It should not also be digitally altered.
  • Headgears – Only headgears for religious reasons are allowed and not otherwise.
  • Rules for Babies and Infants – All infants, toddlers, and children need a separate passport for traveling to Brazil. They cannot travel on their parent’s passport. Hence they also need passport photos. Even though it is difficult to click an infant’s picture certain things need to be kept in mind. An infant should be laid down on a plain white cloth and no toys, parent’s hand or other objects should be seen in the frame. If the child is clicked in a sitting position, the background should be plain, preferably white. The child should be looking at the camera, should not smile and both the eyes must be opened.
  • Image Specifications – 70% of the photo’s height should be covered by you which includes your head, hair, and bottom of the chin. The minimum dimension of the photo you submit should be 413 pixels x 531 pixels (height x width).

Since passport photo is essential for getting an eVisa to Brazil, make sure you do not mess it up. You must also note that if you have once submitted a photo for eVisa application, you cannot use the same photo twice. You will need to get a new photo clicked for a fresh application.

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