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Brazil is South America’s biggest country, and with that comes a number of events and activities to partake in. Whether you’re dancing at Rio’s famous Carnival or getting a taste of Germany at Oktoberfest, Brazil is a hub for cultural and festive celebrations.



Brazil’s annual Carnival is the biggest event of the year drawing over 500,000 foreign visitors to Rio de Janeiro. This important five-day festival marks the beginning of lent with over 2 million people on Rio’s streets. See the best of Brazil’s samba schools perform at the 700 meter Sambodromo Parade or if sitting in a stadium isn’t your style, join other samba schools on the streets of Rio for a non-stop party. Each night visitors can delve into luxurious Carnival Balls where the party doesn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning. It will be easy to find a way to celebrate when visiting Brazil during Carnival.


Folklore Festival

Parintins Folklore Festival is said to be the second biggest event in Brazil after carnival. Taking place in the northern region of the country, this festival draws a massive crowd of both locals and tourists alike. This three-day festival, usually held in late June, celebrates the legend of the resurrected Ox. You’ll be able to see retellings of this Amazonas legend in the form of competitions, dancing, and singing before gazing at colorful floats and fireworks.


Festa Junina

Brazil’s Festa Junina celebrations not only marks the end of summer, but commemorates the nativity of St. John the Baptist. This festival is a long one, lasting months from July to August and sometimes longer. While not as big as Carnival, this is an important cultural event not to miss with an abundance of Brazilian treats, parties, and festivities to be a part of. Rural life is also celebrated during this time of year, so you’re sure to see plenty of locals dressed in farm gear, and you can join them!


Festa do Peão

Cowboys and girls unite each year at Brazil’s Festa do Peao. Throw on your cowboy boots and tune in to country music at Brazil’s Cowboy Festival in the bustling city of Sao Paulo. This rodeo festival has it all from horse riding to bull riding dating back to the 1950s. Once held in Paulo de Lima park, this festival was moved to the 110-hectare stadium in 1985 where 35 thousand people fill the arena to take part. This is a great time to practice your yee-haws!



If you’re thinking we’ve made a mistake in adding this German festival to Brazil’s list, you’d be surprised to know that Brazil is home to one of the biggest Oktoberfests in the world. The stunning city of Blumenau was founded as a German colony in the 1850s with Bavarian buildings still standing today. This big European influence is why over a million tourists flock to the area to partake in both Brazilian and German festivities. What makes this event more special is that you’re able to drink and eat to your heart’s content before lazing on a beautiful sandy beach.


Festival de Cachaca

If you’re looking for a great place to try the country’s national liquor, the annual Festival de cachaca is the right place. Held in August over a three-day weekend, this festival celebrates this cane sugar liquor south of Rio in the gorgeous town of Paraty. Here you’ll be able to try a variety of specially distilled cachaca, instead of the cheap varnish-flavors you may find elsewhere. Dance to samba or reggae in between tastings, and if you get hungry, there will be plenty of food trucks and stands to satisfy your appetite.


New Year

Start your new year with a bang by celebrating in Rio de Janeiro. Rio’s New Year celebration brings in over 2.5 million people to the festivities and is known for being one of the best New Year’s celebrations in the world. The events take place on and around Copacabana beach where visitors can enjoy live music and of course, fireworks. This tradition usually means wearing all white, and you’ll even catch some locals sending flowers out into the ocean as an offering to the Queen of the Sea.


Grand Prix

Fast cars and loud noises can only mean the exciting F1 Grand Prix is happening in Brazil. This annual event is held in Sao Paulo at the Autodromo attracts both local and foreign racecar enthusiasts to the city backed by dozens of parties to commemorate. Trendy hotels, restaurants and bars from all over the city open their doors for this special occasion, giving visitors a chance to indulge in the good life. This weekend is jam packed with events, races, and 20 million people. 3 simple steps to apply Brazil eVisa.

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