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A trip to Brazil isn’t complete without enjoying the flavors of this grand and beautiful South American country. Whether you’re a lover of meat, seafood, or rather sink your teeth into something sweet, this country has got you covered with exotic flavors and traditional goodies to satisfy almost every tastebud. From hearty stews, to cheesy favorites, and super strong coffee to keep your energy going, it’s time to take your palate on a journey.


Cheesy Treats

Brazilians know that you can’t go wrong with dough and cheese, especially if it’s fried. Pão de queijo is a small Brazilian cheese puff that can be devoured throughout the day. These tiny cheese balls go great with a cup of coffee but if you want to really indulge it’s easy to find other cheesy concoctions. A chicken coxinha is a superb midday snack filled with chicken, vegetables and cream cheese, while a meaty pastelzinho uses flavourful gouda.



A strong cup of cafezinhos will surely get you going when wandering around the beautiful country. This highly caffeinated drink made with espresso and hot water is a staple in Brazil that can be found at almost every cafe in the country. If you like your brew strong, it won’t take too long to get accustomed to this deep-flavored Brazilian style coffee.


Exotic Fruits

Brazil is brimming with fruits considered exotic in the United States like passion fruit, guava, and caja. Brazil is also home to the trendy acai berry so it’s easy to start your morning with an acai bowl made from locally grown berries. Or, try some cupuacu – a superfruit grown in the Brazilian rainforest. What’s best is you don’t have to travel far to sink your teeth into Brazilian flavor. A lot of these fruits are available at local markets in popular cities like Rio de Janeiro.



If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be in paradise in Brazil. Dessert accompanies almost every meal where you’ll be promised some flavorful sugary sweets. Flan is a favorite coming in a variety of flavors including coconut and passionfruit, and we love the mix of local exotic fruits into sweet concoctions like a papaya creme with cassis or pave that combines coconut, galletas marias cookies, and brandy.


Cozy Up to Some Stew

Brazilians have upped the stew and chili game with the meat filled feijoada. This hearty stew is jam packed with a variety of meat, rice, collard greens, and tastebud tingling spices. Speaking of spices, Brazil knows how to heat things up. The common malagueta pepper is way hotter than the jalapeno and will add a serious kick to dishes like the stew mentioned above.


Brazilian Meat

There’s a reason the Brazilian Steakhouse craze blew up across North America. Brazil is home to some of the juiciest meat you’ll sink your teeth into. Order your meat churrascaria style which is barbecued meat that is usually slow roasted over a charcoal grill on espetos (skewers), trapping in all the delicious juices and flavor.


A Twist on Mashed Potatoes

Brazil’s pirao de mandioca is thicker and richer than the mashed potatoes you might be accustomed to in North America. This side is made from pureeing cassava giving it a stronger flavor than your usual russet potato. If you’re looking for something similar to polenta, try some creamy angu to compliment your okra and chicken. Similar to pirao de mandioca, it’s thicker and creamier than mashed potatoes being made from cornmeal.


Crepes & Pancakes

France may be famous for their crepes but Brazil also has their version of this breakfast treat that’s definitely worth a try. For a sweet bite, beiju is a popular street food made out of tapioca that can be filled with both savory and sweet ingredients to alter the flavor the manioc flour gives. Alternatively, the savory panqueca is thinner than your usual French crepe filled with meat, sauce, and cheese before being baked like an enchilada. Try both to see which one you prefer.


Coconut Water

Forget paying for the overpriced boxed stuff in the grocery store. There’s nothing like having coconut water fresh from its source, without any additional sugar or preservatives. Grab a coconut by the beach, stroll along the water and take it easy while your coconut water gives you all of its natural flavors and nutrients. The natural benefits in coconut water is also great for getting over jet lag and exhaustion.



While America prides itself on the classic sweet apple pie, Brazil prefers to add a more savory twist. Brazilian tortas like the Empadao is usually stuffed with chicken, corn, and other vegetables to be eaten as a part of a meal, instead of a dessert. While meat lovers will enjoy this traditional pie, those looking for a taste of the sea can find it in between the crust of a torta capixaba which usually uses cod, or shrimp instead.



Ending a day of culinary joy will only be elevated by biting into a deliciously creamy brigadeiro. These addicting chocolate truffles made with condensed milk aren’t too challenging to make, but very challenging to say no to. For a twist, bite into a beijinho de coco, the Brazilian coconut kiss sweetened with coconut flakes for added texture and flavor. Easily fill out Brazil visa application form.

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