You are eligible to apply for Brazil’s eVisa if you are:

  1. You hold a U.S., Australian, or Canadian passport.
  2. You are traveling to Brazil on tourism or business.
  3. You plan to stay no more than 90 days..

To apply for your eVisa for Brazil is needed to upload scan or photos of:

  1. A valid passport (check here for the passport scan sample)
  2. A selfie (check here the selfie guidelines)
  3. Your trip itinerary

The files for trip itinerary can be your ticket for entering Brazil by sea or air, or a hotel reservation, or your holiday voucher. If you are a crew member, then please provide the Crew Member ID.)

If traveling on business, apart from the documents above, please provide file with Proof of employment (letter from your manager or company HR describing the details of your work and your trip to Brazil).

Other documents

The documents below are not mandatory and yet, if you feel this will give more detailed information about your travel to Brazil, do not hesitate to add them to your application:

  • Bank statement with information of the funds from no more than 30 days prior your arrival to Brazil.
  • Invitation letter from friend, NGO, business partner, etc.
  • Any other documents you think suitable.

IMPORTANT: Although, the process of approving the applications for the Brazilian eVisas officially takes 5 business days, the Immigration authorities often ask for additional information or new passport and/or selfie scan files. All this can extend the application process to more than 20 days. This is why we highly advise you to apply at least a month prior to your trip.


  • You are not a citizen of Australia, Canada, or the USA.
  • Your passport is expiring in less than SIX months from the date of arrival in Brazil.
  • You have previously been denied entry to Brazil.


  • You are a Brazilian and an Australian, Canadan, or American double citizen. (In this case, you can use your Brazilian passport to travel).
  • You have a valid regular Brazilian visa obtained from at the Brazilian Embassy or consular office.
Requirements 1


To complete the application, all travelers must upload the following:

Passport biometric page * :

  • Clearly visible and on focus.
  • No blur, nor excessive light.
  • The machine-readable text on the bottom of the page must not be covered.
  • The file must be in color. Black and white passport files will not be accepted.
  • JPEG, JPG files accepted.
Requirements 2

Selfie * :

  • Taken on a white background.
  • No coverage on the face or the head.
  • Shoulders and ears must be visible.
  • No glasses.
  • No teeth must be visible.
  • No bare shoulders.
  • The image must be in color. Black and white selfies files will not be accepted.
  • JPEG, JPG files accepted.
  • The size of the file: 3.5 x 4.5 cm.  (413 x 531px.)
Requirements 3

IMPORTANT: If the files attached to your application do not meet the above requirements, you will receive an email asking for new files. This can lead to delaying the approval of your eVisa for Brazil.

Trip Details – only ONE file can be uploaded. It could be* :

  • Holiday voucher.
  • Arrival flight ticket.
  • Trip itinerary.
  • Accommodation reservation.
  • Alternatively, you can upload your passport.
  • JPEG, JPG, PDF files accepted.

Bank account statement:

  • Statement from your bank account taken no more than 30 days prior your travel to Brazil.
  • Name of the bank, the date of the statement and your names must be present on the file.
  • JPEG, JPG, PDF files accepted.

Letter of invitation:

  • Names of your host/business partner/inviting organization.
  • Their local address.
  • Your names.
  • Purpose of visit to Brazil.
  • JPEG, JPG, PDF files accepted.

If the files from your application do not meet the requirements or should additional information is needed, we will contact you by email. Need more information on the application process? Write us at
Remember: The files of the passport and the selfie must be in color. Make sure the documents are uploaded in the right file format – the passport and the selfie can be JPEG or JPG only.

All applicants must have a machine-readable passport that is valid for a minimum of one month from application date.
We recommended all passports are valid for the entirety of the stay and one month beyond in case of unforeseen circumstances. (The e-Visa service is not available to children endorsed on their parents’ passport).

Additional documents

If the applicant is under 18 years of age, then additional supporting documents must be given:

  • Authorization Letter signed by both parents/ Legal Guardian. You can download the Authorization Letter here.
  • Passport page of Parent 1/ Legal Guardian 1
  • Passport page of Parent 2/ Legal Guardian 2
  • Birth Certificate
  • If only one parent/legal guardian is selected, then the applicant must submit any valid document giving reasoning why both parents’ approval is not given – e.g. death certificate, sole custody document etc.
SelectionRequired documents
Both ParentsParents’ passport biodata pages
Birth Certificate
Authorization letter signed by both parents
Single Parent or Legal GuardianParent 1 / Legal Guardian 1 passport biodata page
Birth Certificate
Any valid document giving reasoning why both parents approval is not given


apply for brazil visa

A passport-size photo must follow ICAO Standards:

  • Minimum photo dimensions: 413 x 531 pixels
  • File format – jpeg or jpg
  • The photograph must be taken from the front, against a white background.
  • The applicant’s face and shoulders must be centred and he/she must be looking into the camera.
  • No reflections, shadows or glares.
  • The applicant must have a neutral face and eyes must be open and visible
  • If you wear glasses, the lenses may not reflect the ambient light into the camera. Dark glasses or non-prescription glasses with tinted lenses or thick frames are not acceptable.
  • Headgear or hats are not acceptable, except for religious reasons. Regardless of the reason they cannot prevent a perfect view of the face of the applicant.
  • Children cannot appear with any items or be held by their parents.

Examples of photographs can be seen here.